What is the Amazon FBA?

What is the Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon on behalf of the delivery business) is currently the main three main business: Media (that is, their vendors sales of goods commission), FBA (rental shop + selling flow + sub-warehouse leasing + on behalf of the packaging on behalf of the delivery + generation), amazon web services ( Including s3 \ db \ aq and other products, can be understood as IDC + CDN accelerated + personalized station).

This article a lot of data and research results from Myron Su, domestic research Amazon FBA services young talent

1, FBA in the Amazon Q3 inside the income of 208 million dollars

2, Amazon spent on self-built logistics cost Q3 is 388 million dollars, minus the FBA’s income, according to the US listed companies earnings calculation Amazon’s logistics cost of 180 million, the United States like to calculate a percentage of 1.8 / 54.49 = 3.3%, this 3.3% of the Amazon’s logistics costs / sales.

From this ratio, Amazon is good for the logistics system control. However, to know, Walmart now this proportion is called 1.4%, it seems Amazon for the logistics of this piece is also necessary to improve. On the other hand, with the use of FBA more and more businesses, coupled with the cost of logistics from the beginning to the later is basically decay, FBA marginal cost will be reduced or even negligible.

FBA mainly refers to the warehousing and distribution services, MARKETPLACE; POWERER BY AMAZON; WEBSTORE BY AMAZON are independent. And POWERED BY do not really good, and now only TARGET, and even TARGET have to withdraw from self-built. FBA with third-party businesses are also less, mainly expensive. MARKETPLACE and WEBSTORE BY is doing better, MARKETPLACE accounted for 30% of the overall revenue, self-accounted for 50%, AWS + FBA + POWERED BY + WEBSTORE BY 20%.

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