eBay’s latest two policies make sellers mixed

Since entering October, eBay has updated two policies that will make the seller half happy and half worried. What are the two policies? Let’s take a look. eBay implements a 4% penalty payment policy for US stations From October 1st, eBay USA will begin to implement a fine payment policy – a 4% surcharge for sellers who violate the rules. http://www.freightforwarders.cn/news

Online sales in the US back to school reached $58.1 billion, breaking $2 billion in the first 24 hours

According to data from Adobe Digital Insights, this year’s US back-to-school sales results are gratifying, with online sales totaling $58.1 billion. Single-day sales peaked on Labor Day, and online sales exceeded $2 billion for the first time in 24 hours. Desktop computer shopping turnover is the highest Computer-side shopping is still the first choice for most shoppers, with sales of http://www.freightforwarders.cn/news

Fundamentals of Amazon FBA

Fundamentals of Amazon FBA

One: Whether Amazon FBA supports the return service Amazon FBA warehouse currently does not provide return service, the general dispute to give buyers refund processing, if the seller account problems or product quality problems, amazon generally there are two ways to deal with, 1 goods back to the seller Of the foreign local address and paid by the buyer to http://www.freightforwarders.cn/news

The only way for Amazon FBA sellers to grow

The only way for Amazon FBA sellers to grow

Laborious cross-border electric business, whether you are a manufacturer of traders or Amazon FBA sellers, or marketing professional speculation, eBay Amazon is inevitable, doing Amazon FBA is inevitable. Because Amazon has a greater traffic compared to eBay, a better image. There must be a lot of people scold me: “cliches, after knowing that you know.” Indeed, the above changes and http://www.freightforwarders.cn/news

What is the Amazon FBA

What is the Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon on behalf of the delivery business) is currently the main three main business: Media (that is, their vendors sales of goods commission), FBA (rental shop + selling flow + sub-warehouse leasing + on behalf of the packaging on behalf of the delivery + generation), amazon web services ( Including s3 \ db \ aq http://www.freightforwarders.cn/news

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